A little About us

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Sandy Cone, more commonly known as The Ice Cream Boat, was founded in July of 2008 and has since been serving the three bay area of Cotuit, MA. The first vessel was fitted with K-Mart coolers packed with dry ice, and as some of you may remember, the ice cream was so cold that your tongue would stick to it. Since then, we have expanded to two boats which have undergone some serious improvements. Currently we have a 350 pound "cold plate freezer" installed on each boat, which is capable of holding around 700 ice cream bars. That, along with the aesthetic improvements of a sun canopy, a hanging menu board, and a spiffy paint job, has put Sandy Cone Creamery in better shape than ever.

Our small, but friendly staff is dedicated to serving refreshing ice cream directly to wherever you are on the water, boat, beach, dock, etc. We do our best to carry items that are in popular demand, but if there is a product that you feel we are leaving out, please let us know.


We hope to see you on the water soon!